An inktrap project

Everybody has been through some rough times with COVID-19 and we’ve all sinned a little. Here you can anonymously confess those misdeeds judgement-free. What are your self-isolation sins?

i took a poo outside

- Swindon

met a guy at a bar and didn't bring hand sanitizer

- Beijing

i watched coin pusher videos on youtube instead of work

- New York

developed a crush on my roommates girlfriend

- Indiana

i stopped doing online school and ghosted my techers.

- San Jose

i sold paper.

- Scranton

i work in bed

- India

i drank so much that now i can't stop thinking about it

- Rio de Janeiro

think about making out with my coworker

- Atlanta

i've drank beer every day since the lockdown. #beercity

- Asheville

a part of me is happy because i don't have to be social.

- Chicago

went to hardwarestore so i could do house work. no. mask.

- Asheville

i cheated on my girlfriend with her sister

- Waterloo

i told the police i was exercising, but i was not

- My City

i tell people i'm busy with work while i'm not.

- Bangalore

pour milk before cereal in the bowl

- Istanbul

i told the police i was testing my eyesight

- Barnard Castle

i actually haven't sinned during lockdown

- Norwich

i shat on an entire country and i feel great about it

- London

i still met my dealer to get some weed for the lockdown

- Gloucester

i was on a zoom call without trousers.

- Heck

the step count on my phone says 0 on multiple days

- Düsseldorf

i drunk handmade beer

- Bandarabbas

ate a lot, and never cared about exercise

- London

used comic sans in an eviction notice

- Brighton

made up reasons why i couldn't join calls with friends.

- Berlin

said i was testing eyes but really went out for a birthday

- Durham